What does the RYG Assessment, assess exactly?

Our RYG assessment is a proprietary survey we've developed that is mapped one part equally against pre-established industry data and one part equally against contextual elements unique to your brand.

The result is a powerful story about what your business has, what it needs, and in some cases, what it will struggle to achieve in order to increase your odds of success in franchising.

Some of the primary criteria we consider are:

  • Financial Viability

  • Differentiators

  • Personnel

  • Culture

  • Documented, replicable operational processes

  • Marketing

  • Sales vetting and closing

  • Legal

  • Foundational Accounting

  • Growth Plan


Once Processed...

The Report

Our tool produces a full report of your responses with both standard and unique concerns and recommendations noted throughout. 

The Summary

We then craft a summary that you can use to navigate franchising on your own OR as a proposal for engagement by us. If you choose to engage in consulting, the RYG analysis is free. 

The Work (maybe)

If you decide you are ready to start franchising, we are here to help you build your foundational cornerstones. From structural formation strategies to FDD best practices, we tap into a host of resources to guide you through the setup of your franchise. We offer 1-1 consulting as well as group courses.  

*We are neither accountants nor attorneys and therefore cannot offer any legal advice but we can tell you what to be aware of and what questions to ask your own counsel. We can even recommend counsel!

Cost: $750

Other Services

Franchise Ready Roundtables are a weekly virtual masterminds group for all aspiring franchisors and micro-emerging franchisors under 10 units. We discuss topics here and address individual problems in real time. 

As with most any consulting engagement, the rate for this service is based on myriad factors, including length, frequency, and frankly, degree of difficulty.  We offer both monthly and retainage based proposals. We will include a proposal in our RYG summary upon request.

We offer a series of group oriented courses designed to bring attendees through the strategies, steps, and pitfalls of a franchise startup. Structured on an ad-hoc basis, attendees can sign up for any or all of the courses.

DID YOU KNOW? Franchise industry development services (marketing, legal, sales, accounting, etc.) are often 3x-10x the cost of same services outside the industry because service providers target large franchise systems with large franchise budgets.

What's Next

Step 1

Fill out the contact form below and we will set up a free 20 minute call so that we can get to know each other. We'll walk you through our process and engagement structure. If it's all reasonable to you, we'll send you the RYG survey. 

Step 2 - RYG Assessment

Following our introductory call, you'll fill out our proprietary RYG  survey so that we may get a baseline of where you are with your company and it's foundation for franchising.

Step 3

We review all the details of your assessment and will likely communicate with you to gain context on your responses. This includes everything from your leadership team characteristics to your business model, operation, revenue, expense, capital, marketing, and everything in between.

Step 4

We share the results of the analysis with you. Equal parts quantitative and qualitative, the RYG analysis indicator will paint an accurate picture of where you are and what you have to work on. 

Step 5 (if needed)

You decide if you want to stay where you are and continue running your successful business (most often recommended) OR  do you wish to start building your franchise foundation - whether with us, someone else, or on your own. 

Whether or not you decide to franchise your business is your business.

Whether or not you have the information needed to make that decision is our business.

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